Micropiles and Rock Anchors

micropile-coverMicropile reinforcements provide resistance against compressive, tensile, and lateral loading. Pile capacities are tested to ensure compliance with ASTM D 1143, 3689, and 3996.

CommStructures combines micropiles with other foundation techniques to increase the load capacity of existing foundations. Our limited access drills are equipped with collapsible rubber tracks, allowing them to fit through a 36” opening, while still being capable of safely installing micropiles up to 10” in diameter to an depth of 100’ or greater. Our skilled operators are able to efficiently install micropiles without causing damage to above ground units or sub-grade utilities.

We work closely with a team of engineers to ensure that our micropile installation exceeds the minimum loads called for in the plans while having a minimal impact on facility operations. Our company policy is to alert the project management of any discrepancies encountered in the field and provide a working alternative. All work is performed while operating within manufacturer’s specifications.

If your jobsite presents obstructions such as a mountainous location, hard rock, unstable soil, limited access, or other barriers to traditional foundation work, micropiles are the answer. Contact the experts at CommStructures to learn more about micropiles and how they can be implemented as a solution to the problem.