Monopole Tower Reinforcement

P1010011CommStructures has developed our own tower reinforcement system, the Pole Saver System. This revolutionary system provides a solution for reinforcing existing structures that is fast, cost-efficient, and barely noticeable. Most importantly, it can be completely installed without ever having to disconnect a carrier’s lines or equipment and enables the pole to be easily extended.Our Pole Saver System strengthens overstressed areas on a tower by attaching high-strength, small diameter steel rods to the affected areas. The rods are secured to the tower with a bolt-on connection. This type of connection eliminates the need to weld anything directly to the structure itself, thereby protecting your asset from deterioration! Because the rods are placed only around the overstressed areas, the solution works around existing platforms, co-axial lines and other appurtenances.

Advantages of CommStructure’s Pole Saver System

  • Doesn’t interfere with existing platforms, lines or antennas
  • Strengthens existing towers to increase the structures overall loading capacity
  • Bolt-on connection – no welding to the tower structure is ever required
  • Provides the ability to extend tower height
  • Can be easily installed by our own, experienced construction crews
  • Shipped by common carrier – resulting in lower shipping costs