Continuous-Taper and Step-Taper Monopole


Continuous-taper monopole and step-taper monopoles with hidden internal flanges are both available from CommStructures. As with our other towers, a monopole tower from CommStructures is designed and fabricated to suit each project’s requirements.

A CommStructures monopole can be designed for heights up to 250 feet. We can also provide you a stealth tower such as a flagpole, tree or bell tower.

CommStructures’ Monopole Towers:

  • Both continuous-taper and step-taper monopole designs are available
  • Hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion
  • Can be engineered for maximum loading to ensure future co-location opportunities
  • Equipped with rotating platforms
  • Heights up to 250 feet
  • Concealed towers available
  • Can be completely installed within 2 days if utilizing our DEF or VDEF installation methods.